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Podcast: My Kitchen Shrink Smoothie

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Elyse Wagner is a food and attitude expert with over 15 years of experience with a dual masters in holistic nutrition and health psychology with a passion to help you stop food guilt, body shame, and hating on your body so you can finally live peacefully in the skin you’re in. Elyse’s initiative to spice up your food, elevate your attitude and love your body is encompassed in her new book,  Nourishing Succulent and Savvy Smoothies.

My Kitchen Shrink Smoothie

  • What is standing in the way of people realizing THEY CAN transform their health?
  • How does food heal?
  • What mistakes are people making even when they think they are eating healthy?
  • What kind of switcheroo can help?
  • Are all smoothies created equal? What are the elements of a super powerful smoothie?

For more juicy tips and updates that you only get with her weekly email updates – get over to mykitchenshrink.com and sign up! She has loads of free resources + secret sauce tips to create delicious health and find her on your YouTube Channel ETV! and subscribe. You can pre-order the book now at http://www.mykitchenshrink.com/work-with-me/smoothie-e-book-coming-soon/

Plus for a complimentary consultation for those really looking to make serious health transformations – email Elyse at elyse@mykitchenshrink.com to set up a time to chat while it’s fresh on your mind!
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