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What Can A Creativity Coach Do For You?

Through the powerful skill of listening, a great creativity coach offers encouragement, and who doesn’t need more of that?

They can also educate about general creative matters, and how you can be creative in your life, which includes the struggles every artist faces that can sometimes overwhelm.

The starting point is to name the areas of help needed, and a brief intake usually revels where to begin. Then you can get to work and figure out what’s required to take creative action. Every person and their needs are unique so the specific work is designed on a client by client basis.  Setting goals, learning new skills, managing time, financing creative pursuits, as well as the emotional, spiritual and physical demands of using your creativity are just some of the topics a great coach can explore with you.

Sessions are done by phone, email or in person and they’re surprisingly short, 20-30 minutes on average.

As a multi-media artist myself, I have a large pool of personal experience to call upon to help many different types of people. Which is creative way of saying I’ve learned a lot from making plenty of mistakes, and have loads of bad paintings. So even as a creativity coach I, too, have to deal with the same creative challenges of every artist, but they’re also similar challenges for people working in other venues like the corporate world.

A friend of mine shared a story about how she was once feeling depressed after she received a promotion to management, and didn’t have the energy to continue her photographic art. After she retired, she realized she was using her creativity to innovate at her corporate job every day, which took the same amount of daily creative energy. Working with a creativity coach might have saved her from feeling her creative angst, and given her overall work a boost, too, because she would’ve understood her creative process better. Instead of feeling down that she was unable to practice her photography, she could feel great about the fact that she was using her talents in new ways.

Helping you to discover new ways to innovate your individual creativity, and understanding how you can best create given the ever changing world you live within, is the ultimate service of a great creativity coach.

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.