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Trading With Creative Currency

Name three forms of currency that could pay for your creativity.

Currency is the medium of exchange and usually has a form of circulation. We circulate coins and bills when we shop. We slide plastic which moves money electronically. However there are numerous other forms of currency that have little to do with actual coinage.

If you create you need to understand that you can trade your talents for things other than money. Why is this important? Because creative currency is the wave of the future. Trading isn’t new, but our applications today are different than before.

Artisans have always traded their wares for the necessities of life, which works really well in a small community. Now we live in the global community and it’s improbable that a sculptor in New Jersey can trade a statue for a basket of potatoes in Chile – or is it?  Technology has made many forms of currency available to virtually everyone, and not surprising creativity is needed to figure out how you can make it work for you.

How could a basket of potatoes pay for a statue in New Jersey?

The sculptor mounts her statue in the courtyard of a building on the eastern seaboard of the US. In exchange she gets a year’s free rent to use a foundry so she can continue sculpting. In exchange for rent the owner of the foundry gets a years’ worth of free maintenance on the foundry building from a local charitable organization employing circus clowns who perform for children. The charitable organization receives donations from people all over the world who trade hours of service for shares in a world food coop. The food coop trades donated seeds to the farmer for a basket of potatoes. Did you track the currencies? Forget about the clowns – art exchanged for rent, rent paid with maintenance, maintenance for services, donated seeds for potatoes. NO CASH!

Yeah sure you could pick apart my simple examples and find a few flaws. However, the structure is sound and being replicated all over the globe. I can think of numerous ways to market and get paid for my talents in the new global market. My art could be enjoyed by many more people than in my local area and I could find unimaginable inspiration from trading in this marketplace.

How can you trade with creative currencies?

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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