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Creative Power Tools

I just got an email from a vender selling fantastic new tools.

The kind I really like, handheld and powerful. I really got excited and wanted to hit the buy now button. Without thinking much about exactly which project I needed them for, in less than eight seconds I was sold. I surely would use them, I knew I actually would. Though in another two seconds I asked myself when? You see I was sitting at my computer searching for ideas to write about and I opened this email that marketed well, because it sold me on what I was looking for right now. Power tools!

It’s extremely cold where I live today. The kind of cold that’ll freeze your ears in ten minutes, no kidding! Don’t misunderstand me cause I love it here, but just taking out the garbage is an extra effort requiring a ten minute dressing event.  Gosh, I hear often, why would you want to be there?  Well there are many wondrous perks, but I’ll scatter those in other posts.  Anyway can you see why any powerful thing that would make my creative life easy would sound fantastic today?

These tools give you the edge to make quick work of your projects. They’re designed to give you little tricks to make it easy, and who doesn’t love power? Mostly they work, too. The particular tool I was looking at could with attachments cut, saw, sand, grind, drill, make precision miter cuts in any material and master the tiny detail work of just about anything.

In the world of creativity we have to have our own power tools.

When I craft I cut, saw, drill, sand or pound, splash, tear apart and brush on.  It’s really not much different with writing, my keyboard will attest to that.  Whether I do it with my hands or in my head, I am the power tool.

And how about using those nifty, give you the edge attachments?  One of my favorites is to plug myself in to something I find powerful.  Music, movement, imagery, reading, talking with an inspiring person all get me connected to my power. Sometimes I look to my old blind, faithful basset hound for inspiration and comfort. Mostly she sleeps all day, but when she needs a pet or food or to take care of business outside on such a cold day she just musters her energy and get on with the task.

Today I needed to get some writing done and had no great topics. So there I was watching my sweet old hound dreading my work time, killing time scanning my email when my greatest power tools showed up with my muse – tenacity, intuition and creativity.  You see, I showed up to work, decided I would write something, anything about the next email I opened. And here you have it. Creative power tools!

I’d love to hear about your favorite creative power tools.

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.