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Three Simple Ways To Boost Your Enthusiasm For Life

Help increase your success

There are some commonly accepted principles of success that have been spoken and written about for centuries. The key for us in the modern world is to find ways to tailor those classic principles into working methods that will help us increase our success today!

Here are three simple ways you can boost your enthusiasm for life on a daily basis. Follow these steps and you will see the changes begin in your life immediately.


A common problem of not feeling enthusiasm in the morning is when you have nothing to look forward to. The first step to feeling like jumping out of bed every morning is discovering what makes you excited and pumped up. It’s hard to feel enthusiastic when you don’t have anything you’re yearning toward.

So how do you know what lights you up if you’ve fallen into the everyday drudgery of your job and family life? Give yourself time to search, play and discover what lights you up!

Brainstorm a list of all the activities you loved to do as a child. Do you still make room and time for those kinds of activities in your life today? Also ask yourself what dreams you had as a child? Did you want to be a dancer, a writer or an artist? How can you live toward fulfilling those urges now that you’re an adult and really in control of your life?


Once you’ve discovered some activities or goals that you are excited to explore, focus your attention on just one at a time. Perhaps you’ve realized you always wanted to learn how to draw and you also love knitting beautiful creations. Choose just one to focus on at a time!

It doesn’t matter which you choose, just make the decision to focus your attention on one thing every day. How can you include that activity in your daily life? It’s okay to start small and just commit to spending fifteen minutes to practicing your activity or goal of choice. If you have that time set aside every day, even if you other chores you need to take care of that day, too, you’ll have your special goal time to look forward to.


Work in some time to reflect on the process of the changes in you. Select a special journal or notebook to chronicle what the entire experience is like—from choosing an activity to how you go about implementing it into your life. Make notes of other changes you discover along the way about yourself and your changing levels of enthusiasm for life.

Self-reflection will help you to understand when it might be time to change your focus onto other areas of interest. Stay aware and alert to what you feel as you go about your day and make changes to your plan as you discover more about what truly lights you up in life.

Get ready to experience that enthusiasm you harness in one area of your life to spread to all of your goals and activities in life!