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Walking On A Sharp Bed Of Nails

Walking on a sharp bed of nails.

That’s how many people spend their whole lives. They spend their time doing something they can’t stand and often times settling for pennies.

Some people hear their alarm and want to throw the clock against the wall. I used to be like that. I couldn’t stand the one job I had so I quit over 35 years ago. I’d rather have someone dump a bucket of ice-cold water on my head in the middle of winter than be made to think about doing something I didn’t want to do. How about you?

I’m not saying to go quit your job. But, if you don’t like what you do it might be a good vision for the future. Just imaging walking in one day and asking your boss if she has a minute. You sit down in her office, you look her in the eye and say “ This is difficult for me but I have decided to let you go. You can send my final check to this address in the Caribbean, and you walk out with a smile on your face.

I know it’s hard out there, do you sometimes feel like you’re carrying a 100 pound bag of sand on your back as you go for your dreams?

You don’t need to struggle.

Hard work in itself never made anyone rich. There’s another way to live.

I recently saw the latest James Bond movie again. It was even more awesome the second time. I always love James Bond movies. Put aside in your mind for a moment that James Bond is a fictional character. He’s not real you know. No really!

James Bond has a tough job, no doubt. He has to dodge bullets and escape from the bad guys. But look at his lifestyle though. Who wouldn’t want to live that way… staying in posh hotels around the world…ordering caviar and bottles of champagne that cost a fortune…attending parties with the super rich. And the car he was driving was out of this world. So was the massive boat he was on, while working on his laptop computer. I know it’s a movie. I know it’s fake, but there’s a lesson here.

James Bond is GREAT at what he does. I want you to be GREAT. Like Bond, you can live a lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed about. You really can. You can travel to exotic places…more vacations a year with your family. You don’t need a clock anymore. You wake up when you’re done sleeping .

Do you want that lifestyle?

Seriously, do you? Then let’s go out and get it this year! The one that started a few weeks ago! 2013…make it your year! Why not? It’s easier to be wealthy than it is to struggle. If that’s true and I know it is, then why do so many choose struggle. The opportunities are out there. I see them every day.

Seeing opportunities is a mindset. Earning more money is a mindset. Becoming wealthy is a mindset. Your success will begin and end with your mindset. Your mindset creates the opening for success to flow to you. It’s the mechanism that turns on or shuts off the flow of ideas that can and will be the keys to your success. A mindset will make you as mechanical and as predictable as a calculator…hit number and it appears on the screen. If you have a “success mindset” you will gain support from others in your endeavor to achieve success. Your mindset takes in what is valuable and rejects what is not. If you have an unfocused mindset you won’t know what to take in, digest, or reject. You’ll simply take in whatever comes along leaving your life to chance.

A mindset is like a command post. I’ll try or I won’t try. I’ll learn or I won’t learn. I’ll make the call, or I’ll put it off. I’ll make the decision or leave it to chance.

Your mindset influences your behaviors, and your behaviors bring forth your successes or failures. The good part is that your mindset is created and controlled by you. Your voluntary, controllable thoughts, beliefs and feelings can and do form your action patterns that lead to the results you produce.

Expand your “mindset” and you will expand your range of possibilities. When your decisions, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are in perfect alignment, which creates your mindset, the conditions in your life will change like magic!

Simply put, if you develop a millionaire “mindset,” you will then become a millionaire!

A mindset is a feeling inside, based on a firm decision you’ve made, that you’ve already accomplished your objective, you just haven’t arrived there yet. It’s not a goal of “someday” I will get there, or “next month” I will accomplish it, it’s a mental and emotional state of being that says you are already there!

So if you want success, start to own success, feel it, see it, taste it, become success and it will be yours.

Turn that idea you have into a monsoon of cash that flows your way while you are sleeping. When the monsoon starts, you can do nothing to stop it. (Yippee!)

Just imagine that Now. Go ahead…use your imagination. Others have done it and you can too. Look around you. Look at everything that has been created that surrounds you right now. Items that have made people millions. And they all started with an idea, a vision of the end result and a mindset that didn’t allow for anything less.

RIGHT NOW make a decision to live your life on YOUR terms.

I believe in you! Go out and make 2013 your best year EVER!

Ready? Are you laced up? Let’s go on a success ride and the destination will be your brightest future! You In? Awesome!

Jim Britt is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.