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Choose Now!

I was recently a guest on a radio show and the discussion of choice came up.

Maybe it seems too obvious or overplayed to talk about the power that choice wields in our lives, however so many of us don’t recognize how much our choices can change our lives, our situations, and even our world. We lament about our fate, and often act without a conscious plan and just go along, without giving a thought to our desires and what we truly want to create and achieve. However when the year’s end rolls around, we’re the first to make a New Year’s resolution.

I’m not knocking the notion of starting the New Year off right. I commend that decision and have a few choices of my own readied for 2013. However, what are we doing the rest of the year to foster those goals?

Our choices are both conscious and unconscious.

If we’re not getting the desired results in any life arena- whether it be having a loving relationship, losing weight, earning more money or exercising, to name a few, we need to pay attention to what we’re doing or not doing. And, we also must examine our thoughts, what we tell ourselves daily and our level of commitment to the goal. Do I really want to lose weight? Am I happier lolling around in the status quo? Or, am I terrified of change and the unknown and can’t seem to move out of my comfort zone?

As humanoids, we’re uncomfortable with change and often practice avoidance even if the change is ideal for us. Knowing that you’re not alone in this condition can make it a bit easier to risk because the truth is that to move forward in any endeavor, there’s some risk involved. So if the goal is something that makes your heart sing and doesn’t endanger you or anyone else, or put you at high risk, go ahead and take the leap.

Here are a few tips to make the choice to move ahead easier.

  1. Make sure that your choices are aligned with your values and beliefs. If not, you’re going to waver without purposeful effort. Or, if you do begin to move ahead, you may find yourself unhappy and right back to square one.
  2. Weigh the choices you make by asking yourself some important questions. Will this choice enhance or detract from my life or harm someone else? Is this something I really desire or is it engineered by an outside source-parent, spouse, peer group?
  3. Determine beforehand what possible consequences may arise and ask yourself if you’re prepared for them. If you quit a job without any source of income, will you be able to live, eat and function? Be as prepared as you can be.
  4. Move past your fears and past your comfort zone if your choice is one that you’re passionate about and is also realistic. By realistic, I mean achievable. If you haven’t prepared for climbing high altitudes and conditioned yourself, than climbing Mount Everest isn’t the best choice.
  5. Create an action plan that you can stick to. Engage your conscious mind to the task ahead and remind yourself why you’re taking that choice daily. Passion and commitment foster desired outcomes.

Jo Anne White, Ph.D. is a blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.