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The Power Of Focus

How is your ability to concentrate and keep your thoughts on track with a specific project or venture?

Are you easily swayed by distractions like phone calls, other people who desire immediate attention or who are in calamity mode, or by your own mundane thoughts? I’m not suggesting that all our thoughts are humdrum, but many of our thoughts are irrelevant to the specific task at hand. Yet, we often let them lead us into a circuitry of worry or routine.

Focus is a specialized skill we can train ourselves to develop to ensure that we don’t get caught up in the monotony, jump around from task to task or forfeit our interest. We have to stay true to the intention at hand without wavering. So how do we do keep our focus? Here are a few tips to access immediately.

Re-steer Yourself:

It’s okay to get sidetracked. When this happens, steer yourself back to the task at hand. Remember why you’re doing it and what’s at stake. Is there a project or job that’s time sensitive and cannot wait? You have to manage your time and your priorities. Your stake is with the larger purpose. It’s okay to take a brief stretch break; it’s recommended, as long as you can get back to the task easily.


Visualization is a compatible companion for your focus that can be more right-brain oriented and even fun once you get the hang of it. First imagine one or two goals and picture them with as much detail as you can. View them as already achieved and engage your feelings along with the images. Imagine how you’ll actually feel when they are achieved. Be sure to make them as vibrant and credible as you can and never let them out of your sight.

Renew Your Interest:

Let’s face it, not every aspect of a job is exciting or stimulating even if we love the overall challenge of the project. Find or create something interesting, even in the most tedious activity, to keep yourself present. Your mind needs to be challenged so if you’ve reached a boring segment in the task make it playful or of merit.

Still Your Mind:

Mind meandering is great, however if you have to get something accomplished, you can’t afford the luxury. Train your mind to always return to the present. You can do this by learning how to watch your thoughts without obsessing over them. Imagine those thoughts that take you off-task just floating away. As they float further away, get closer to your goal.

There Is A New System.

I’ve created a Power Motivation System™ that includes several key areas for individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs to have in their success toolbox. One of them is focus.

Jo Anne White, Ph.D., is a blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.