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The Art Of Music!

Where would we be without music?

Our connection to music paints a picture in our mind bridging us to a moment we choose to remember with fondness, love and nostalgia.

There are so many facets to music and the style of music; classical, opera, jazz, disco, metal, instrumental, rock, soft rock, alternative and so much more. Music is shared and expressed through so many instruments; piano, violin, cello, drums, guitar, vocals, and more. However the packaging and the fashion we find music has gone through the various level and changes following the technology; from  the gramophone, to the big round albums to cassettes to c.d.’s and colorful vivid videos.

Music has come a long way and along the path we replaced the old with the new but the feeling attached to music has never changed. Music can lift us up to the highest level of happiness and it can also calm us down and make us relaxed and completely at peace with no worries in mind. Regardless to the extremes music reminds us of moments we cherish in our hearts, body and mind; a graduation song, a dance, the first kiss, an embrace, a sacred moment we let go, a wedding song, and so much more.

We tend to connect a particular song or a full album to an event in our lives; the people we were with, the activity, the place we visited, the love we felt, our emotions and our desires.

I personally will never forget the first time I heard Pink Floyd performing live; “Time” and the Doors “L.A. Woman” At the time I lived 8,000 miles away from L.A.but I kept dreaming that one day I will walk on the streets of LA. And I did  5 years later.

Indeed time flies and time is a tool connecting us back and forth to a special place we want to remember and feel.

One of the finest forms of displaying musicians, bands and highlighting the reminder of a certain album or a certain song is expressed in photography. Photography captures the moment and we feel so connected to that moment. Photography takes us back in time and brings us to this very day and to all the times in between through the journey of life.

The gallery in West Hollywood

The Morrison Hotel Gallery at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood, California is giving us the gift of music, the joy and the enthusiasm to bring us amazing and powerful photographs of top singers, bands going back 40 years to 2013 and all the years in between. These photographs capture the musicians and the bands like never before. You can feel the sounds of music reaching out to you and grabbing you by your hand; come and join in. YOU are important!

I visited The Morrison Hotel Gallery and I was thrilled to see the exhibit. Photographs by Timothy White one of the gallery owners and so many other top worldwide photographers presented their work. You can spot an amazing photo of the Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and so many others you can connect with via the photo; the moment and the music reaching our entire spirit and soul. One of the utmost top photographs taken by Julian Lennon captured my heart, reminding me that life is precious, life is colorful and that art is always open and ready to be pursued and expressed.

Julian Lennon today!

Saturday night was the setting at the Sunset Marquis Hotel and Villas for the wonderful photography exhibition by Julian Lennon at the new Morrison Gallery in the entrance of the hotel. The event brought in many celebrities including Lionel Ritchie, Gary Oldman, Billy Bob Thornton and many musicians, actors and photographers. The Morrison is now the West Coast edition of the famous New York gallery with an emphasis on photos of rock and roll icons.

Julian’s work is truly unique. He not only has an artistic sense of lighting, he has a special ability for catching his musician photos at very unique moments. These are not publicity photos of musicians, but moments in time when many are at their most introspective. Julian also has a passion for landscapes and aerial photos of mountains, clouds and cities. There is a series of New York City photos that are surreal and beautiful shot from a plane with a view of Manhattan Island.

Box sets of beautiful pictures were there to be seen. The titles of the sets are very meaningful; Alone, Timeless and Timeless with Lyrics, Everything Changes and Charlene Wittstock. The landscape photography is brilliant. Needless to say, the rock and roll photos are from a player and musician’s eye and include photos of U2, Bono, Sean Lennon of course and many others.

The link between music and photography is bridging us to all that we can give and pay forward and most importantly the opportunity to share and express  emotions, our talents, the skill and behind it all the passion for life.

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