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Perfect Is The Enemy Of Good!

Why are we so consumed with perfection?

Some of us strive to look perfect, act perfect and finish our tasks at the utmost perfect level and in a fashion that needs no correction. The question is? What is perfect to us? The perception we live by and the challenge and demand meeting the perfection.

Indeed, we learn at an early age that comments as such as “you did a perfect job” with your homework; you cleaned your room perfectly; you look so perfect and  the list goes on and on.

Is perfection a reality we should live by?  What is the cost? Where is the hidden key to unlock the dark side to perfection?

The “ugly truth”.

Loni Coombs Former Criminal Prosecutor a regular contributor to Dr. Phil, ‘The Doctors” & Dr. Drew, takes a powerful spin with her book titled “You Are Perfect” & Other Lies Parents Tell; The Ugly Truth About Spoiling Your Kids.

Loni Coombs has witnessed too many times the shockingly negative effects of what most parents feel to be the very best parenting techniques.

They think “I’ll give my children what I never had. I’ll pave their way to success. I’ll take care of their problems”, and the results are not too colorful. The children experience a huge sense of helplessness when it comes to thriving in the real world, the inability to get a job; they become weak communicators and some experience the run-ins with the law. What went wrong? How can we fix this quickly and perfectly? The book solves the mystery.

“You Are Perfect” reveals: 

  • The dangers you may be exposing your child to
  • How to transform your child’s self entitlement into self-control and self-esteem
  • How to get your children to treat you and others with respect
  • The warning signs indicating your child are at risk for delinquency
  • How to tackle drug and alcohol problems
  • Where to invade your child’s privacy and where NOT TO!

Coombs teaches parents how to build your child’s “mental moral core” and offers parents solutions and a bright awakening to what it is and why perfect is the enemy of good.

Whether you are holding a precious newborn in your arms, emotions running  high and you feel like you are on top of the world or if you’ve got an 18-year old spiraling out of control you are in for a big treat.

Children are the future and children are the mirrors of our souls.

The German quote says” little children – little worries; big children – big worries. Yes, indeed the bigger they are the more they need us and the more expectations they have.  We must cover a wide range of events and circumstances socially, financially and emotionally. Kids don’t ask for it and they are not open or receptive to it especially when they become teenagers but we must pro-act with the challenges. They are hungry for love, attention, emotional support, and guidance. They want to hear about our experiences and they do want to connect and feel that there is someone out there they can reach out to anytime and anywhere.

Indeed children will bring us to such a great pleasure but sometimes they can bring on us also great pain and tremendous worries. We want to make them happy; give them all that we have unconditionally and love them with our entire hearts.

At the end of the day settling for Good is a positive deed.

When we aim for perfection and we spend extra time on each and every task to make it perfect and we choose to do everything independently; not delegate work or chores to others we simply break the good and the success we so deeply seek. If your nature calls for “perfect” you are better off to negotiate with your nature instead of giving into it or fight against it” Keep it simple. You will accomplish a lot more; you will be happier and most importantly you will have more quality time to spend with your children and your loved ones. Press the delete button on “perfect” and let it go. I’ve taken this step many years ago.  This could be your best New Year Resolution

Thanks Loni for giving us “You are perfect”

Ana Weber is a blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.