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The End of the World is Cancelled!

Good news, NASA has cancelled the end of the world for this month!  ~ Judy Cosentino

You may have heard rumors about the end of the world, and while this is an interesting idea – it turns out that it is actually the end of an Era, and a New Beginning

You have heard the old phrase, Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life – well, on December 22, 2012 – the Cosmic Birthday will be celebrated as the first day of the Emergence of our planet and the new Humanity.

Our leaders in science and computer geology like Dr. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden, and Futurists Barbara Marx Hubbard and Jean Houston, among many others, have generated a global Birthday Celebration to welcome in our Emergence as new Beings.

It is almost impossible to have been on the internet, or watched the science channels, or been to the movies over the past few years without being aware of the predictions, and expectations, and stories about the coming changes on the planet. Some ideas are useful, some are interesting and some are just plain funny, like the cosmic predictions about the movement of planets that actually happen every winter solstice.

All this information can work in your life

this change can be a reminder that your life and your success is a journey, and that the journey starts over again each and every day.  That old catch phrase about each day being the first day of the rest of your life is not just hypothetical or philosophical, it is also biological. This is your opportunity to create a new you with deliberation and Intent.

You are constantly being renewed, for example, you have a new liver every 6 weeks and new skin cells every 27 days, and you change your DNA with your thoughts. You are not only changing your body on a regular basis, you are also changing your mind. You can make this information work for you deliberately by becoming conscious of the constant  change in life, and then choosing to focus your mind on what you Intend for your life.

It is useful to look at cultural memes and find out how this global change information can also work in your life.

What part of the information about the planetary change will expand your life, and what part of the information will contract it. The opportunity that is presenting itself in your life is the letting go of your old story and the beginning of a new one. This is your own personal rebirth as you shift your consciousness, choose your new way of being, and understand your own Mastery.

This is the moment in time to create a new story for your life, make new choices, create new ideas, and accept new opportunities fearlessly. This is Your time and the time of your tribe – your extended ‘family’ of like-minded people – who are also stepping out into their Mastery and embracing their inherent greatness.

So over this month of celebration – this Season of change – consider these questions for yourself:

Who am I now?

Who do I want to be?

How do I want to serve myself and others in my own Greatness?

What is my greater Truth?

What fulfills me most in my life?

What do I want more of in my life that brings me my greatest joy?

As you design your own new creation of Self, and as you create your new Vision for an expanded life, you also become a part of the cooperative community of the global celebration of Cosmic Birth 2012.

Congratulations on your own Emergence in this new experience of life on our planet.

Together we can see what none of us can see alone. We can do what none of us can do alone. We can celebrate what none of us can celebrate alone.  ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

Happy New You – Dr. Katie Garnett

Katie Garnett, Ph.D, is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.