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Podcast: Shine Through the Noise

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Shine Through the NoiseAkasha Garnier is a writer, filmmaker, brand expert and author of Secrets to Shine Through the Noise. Akasha has helped clients rank in numerous “best of” categories and is here to share how you too can optimize your online brand to shine through the noise.

Shine Through the Noise

  • What do you mean by “shine through the noise”?
  • You talk about content heavy websites and how that can dull a brand. What branding pro secret do you have to share with our audience about improving their web presence?
  • What social media secret could you share with our audience to help them get millions of impressions in under a month?
  • You talk about harnessing the power of business and creative skills to help people shine through the noise. What’s your noise, or Kryptonite?  What best practice can you share about this?

To learn more about Akasha Garnier – writer, filmmaker, brand expert and author of Secrets to Shine Through the Noise, visit www.AkashaGarnier.com and follow her on Twitter@AkashaGarnier

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