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Podcast: Pro Roadmap For Career Motivated Millennials

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Pro Roadmap For Career Motivated MillennialsOrganizational leader, David J Waldron, is author of Hire Train Monitor Motivate: Build an Organization, Team or Career of Distinction in the Transformational Workplace. In this book, David offers powerful yet simple techniques that can dramatically improve your achievements in today’s hyper competitive local and global marketplaces.

Pro Roadmap For Career Motivated Millennials

  • What is a transformational workplace?
  • You are an advocate of placing people before mission and vision in the organization – isn’t that usually a given?
  • How do the principles of hiring, training, monitoring, and motivating benefit the entry- level recent college grad or career staff member?
  • Why should our listeners be optimistic about his or her essential role in the twenty-first century workplace?
  • As a thirty-year veteran of the local and global workplaces, what tips can you share that listeners may not have heard before?

Follow David on Twitter @davidjwaldron, and on the web at davidjwaldron.com, where you can subscribe to his Free Exclusive Reader Alerts, including your personal link to the author’s subscriber-only web page. David’s Books for Main Street℠ series is available in paperback or ebook editions at Amazon.com.

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