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Podcast: On The Journey To Achievement

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A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A WishCertified Personal Development Coach, John Patrick Hickey, is the author of three books: Daily Thoughts: 90 Daily Readings for Success-Minded People, All You Have Is Now: How Your Approach to the World Determines Your Destiny, and his latest book with Motivational Press.

On The Journey To Achievement

·        In the new book, you talk of the achievement of a goal as taking a trip, why?
·        What’s the difference between a goal, a dream or your life purpose?
·        How can a person really know what they were created to do?
·        What are the three key elements that determine your path to success? How do they all work together?
·        Why do you say the greatest enemy to success is success?

To learn more about John Patrick Hickey, his books and services, please visit www.johnpatrickhickey.com
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