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When an Urban Legend Comes to Life: Sometimes a Unicorn is Real

When an Urban Legend Comes to Life: Sometimes a Unicorn is RealWikipedia tells us that an urban legend is a form of modern folklore consisting of fictional stories deeply rooted in local popular culture.

A unicorn is an example of urban myth as is ice cream with no calories. Some things just don’t exist.

At the park the other day I saw an urban legend. Or I thought I did.

I saw this giant DOODLE frolicking on the football field which doubles as a dog field for 9 months of the year. This dog ran around loose on the football field better than current Cleveland Brown’s running backs run to the goal line. I saw this dog out of the corner of my eye and I did a double take. For a second I saw only one front leg. Surely I was mistaken, must just be the angle. I stopped in my tracks and stopped my dog in his tracks too. We stared. The big giant DOODLE frolicked. Really. Frolick is a word we don’t use much anymore but it is the best word to describe this dog’s joy of life.

And then I looked again and again. No matter how much I looked I could not find a second front leg.

While this dog wasn’t a unicorn she was a tripod. A tripod is a dog with three legs. Usually they come to this stage in their life as a result of an injury or bone cancer. I met my first tripod when I was a little girl and the neighbor dog had a leg amputated. I remember how badly I felt for the dog. Until he came home from the veterinarian. As soon as he was home that dog was running and hopping everywhere.

Wearing a pink collar the DOODLE came over to check out my Benji. Benji has perfected the “stalk and run.” Off to the races these two went. I watched this big, butterscotch ball of fur as he played and ran and twirled and turned.

Somewhere in his zest for life is a lesson. He has overcome what others consider a handicap. He has not only overcome it, he seems to have thrived. If he could talk he would probably say, “What handicap?”

Research says that being a “tripod” is easier for a small dog than a big dog. Apparently this Doodle did not get that memo.

Research says that you have to think for them since they don’t always know their limitations. Apparently this Doodle did not get that memo.

Perhaps there is something in all of our lives that “we did not get the memo” or should not get the memo!

He cares less about who is in the White House than that he is not in the dog house.

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