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Women: The Ambassadors of Change

As women, change is second nature.

Hand Silhouette Protecting A Female Symbol - Female Health ServiIt’s starts in the beginning. Sometimes before we even hit the double digits of age, barely finished playing with dolls, the transformation begins and suddenly why does my chest look different?  Wait, are these boobs? I’ll have to wear this support contraption for the rest of my life?

Then there’s the ladies’ days, the cycle, Aunt Flow, whatever you want to call it. That’s an adjustment if ever there was one. Dress different, act different, feel different—life altering, no problem. To any man reading this, just think for a moment how you’d enjoy this adventure 5-7 days a month.

Next we become young women, then pregnancy—it happens right before your eyes, gear up for this one. There’s going to be skin changes, crying, loss of the body you thought you had and another person kicking around inside you. Looking down at your giant belly you’re freaking out wondering how hard weight loss will be or if it will happen. Child birth—we’ve entered a new realm, a whole new ball game. When a man asks me what child birth was like I say, “Oh no big deal really. Just try this; take your upper lip and lift it up til it touches your nose.” They do and usually say, “No problem.” I say, “Good, now wrap it around the back of your head.”

Next we are mothers to young children; spilled milk, drawing on the walls and sandwiches lost in-between the seats of the car, it’s like wrangling cats.

Then they become teens—driving lessons, strange friends, and wondering where they are. You basically pray 24 hours a day. You get to know everything about these people you’ve brought into the world via your own birth canal and in so doing it’s hard not to lose a little bit of yourself. But get ready it’s about to get weirder than ever. They leave. And you’re standing there…(crickets)… wondering what happened????

You adjust, it’s too quiet, but you manage. Just when you’re about to get your hands around the concept of this newly emptied nest, the menstrual roller coaster you’ve been on for years takes you for yet the wildest loop of the ride. Well, batten down the hatches because the biggest hormonal shift you have ever had is coming and it includes some changes that will not only rock your world, but set it on a different axis. You get hot, you get cold, you get hot again. You want to scratch someone’s eyes out, your skin gets looser and that just makes you angrier. You can’t sleep, you cry, you sweat, you forget, your midsection gets fluffy and puffy and in the middle of it all someone brings up menopause and asks,  “Have you gone through the change?”

This is where you gather yourself up so as not to be the headline story to the six o’clock news. You don’t react with violence, you smile and calmly say, “I’m a woman, I’ve been doing it all my life.”

When behind it all, you’re screaming “Change?!

Are you freaking kidding me? Heck yes I’ve been through the change—alllll the changes—boobs, mini pads,  pregnancy,  weight gain, stretch marks, maxi pads, sore boobs, breastfeeding, birth control,  PMS,  motherhood, and empty nesting. But I’m still here, still standing, and still in charge of my body and health!”

So by nature of the fact that we are women–we are the ambassadors of change, the President and CEO of CHANGE, the cover of CHANGE Magazine—as a woman, reinventing one’s self becomes our prerogative. We can do it any time we want–we have a well deserved, hard earned skill set and we’re good at it.

So if you feel like you want to lose weight, sculpt your body, and feel a little younger and fresher, it can be done. Because here’s what I know about YOU—you have a body that heals, recovers, and responds to nurturing and self care. It knows no other way.  Your body is adaptive and good at change. And as a woman, if you feel like it—then this is your time to reinvent yourself. You earned that right.


Loa Blasucci is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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