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Numbers & Questions!

The year I entered first grade in school I realized that I was a numbers person.

I liked to add, subtract, connect and befriend numbers. I became very aware of the ones marked on the old houses in my home city of Cluj, Romania and everywhere I went I noticed them staring at me and searching.

Well, my passion for numbers led me to pursue a career in finance but my awakening to numbers added a creative side to calculations and simple number exercises.

That creative side brought out in me feelings and the love for people, building relationships and the strength to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Moving forward and growing up I’ve learned that our identity is always corresponding to a number. Driver’s licenses, passports, graduation certificates, employee numbers, license plate numbers and the list goes on and on; pretty much everything in life is identified by a number; flight number, gate number, bus number, train number, seat number, address number, post office box number and your zip code number.

In a nut shell nothing exists without a number and that is our reality. Everything and anything you purchase even at the supermarket has to be scanned with a number otherwise the transaction will not be performed.

The question comes when we ask ourselves are we only a number or do life and people expect us to be much more than just a number; a title, an identity staying within our zip code, in the box and nothing more?

The answer is simple. When we follow and practice and fill in the five questions of life, we learn and we understand that there is so much more to us than just a number. However numbers do have a significant impact on our lives and the choices we make throughout our life journey; positive or negative; or a times a combination of both.

Did you ever notice a line of people waiting at the local bakery shop picking up numbers and the person behind the counter calling on the next number and you wish it was you getting the service before the lady standing next to you. Same applies to our lives; we have our own numbers and the life that fits the number. We cannot exchange, shift or trade that place but we can influence the processing and the outcome.

Having the honor to speak with one the world’s greatest Yogi and Numerologist Yogi Akal I’ve come to understand and know that numerology can heal, repair, introduce and shift things around for all of us. Yogi Akal explained to me so deeply and beautifully the power of numbers and the impact it has on relationships; the choices we make and the area of compatibility. This is huge. Can you imagine how much effort, pain, stress and money we can save not to mention time if we would make that wise decision instead of experiencing all the destruction and dissolutions and settling for less than the wisdom expressed in the number.

Every day is a new day, a day never lived before and every moment counts just like a number. We need to open up our awareness to the power of numbers and turn to the people who can help us determine the ancient secret to numerology to make our lives much easier and simpler, providing us contentment and success.

At the end of our conversation Yogi Akal shared with me the five questions of life. Here they are:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What do I have to do? 

What do I have to learn?

How do I change my life?

Whaa, I took a deep breath and for a moment I was speechless. Indeed the 5 questions will lead you to acknowledge the value of you in this world and seek that person in you extending to so much more than just a number. There is a lot for us to explore, to find and to fulfill and set free.

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