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It’s A Perfect Fit!

My Fit Foods – your food fits.

If you separate the words you may translate them into:

My – feelings, experiences, impressions and things that belong to us; my car, my view, my diploma, my paycheck and on and on. The word “my” is associated to something we feel we own and take responsibility for.

Fit – Am I a good fit to apply for this job? Does this shoe fit you? Does this time fit your schedule? and on and on. We use the word fit numerously in our day-to-day lives and there is a significant weight to it.

Foods – Food is nourishment and food plays a valuable and most importantly a necessary and functional ingredient in our lives.

Could we live without food? The answer is simple and clear. But going furthermore, we need to understand, appreciate and educate people why certain foods play such a powerful role and importance in our lives and others do not. Why quantity and time represent valuable components to our foods, not to mention that thanks to technology, where we can find these foods is at our finger tips. I personally believe that in the course of our lives we need to focus on and be aware of which foods are friendly and which foods we better stay away from. We must enjoy food and build a healthy relationship with food instead of making an enemy out of food.

It’s all about connecting!

Now if you take the 3 words and you place them side by side you get all of the above in one package; healthy, presentable, price compatible and most importantly My Fit Foods will save you energy, time and money so you can devote it to the things you truly enjoy.  Why have the frown on your face as you stare at the pile of dishes in your sink after preparing a meal for hours that you eat in minutes?

My Fit Foods was created by Mario Mendias, a revolutionary man with a passion to provide a healthy lifestyle from A TO Z. Mario started his mission in life when he was a personal trainer. He was frustrated with his clients sabotaging their workout by eating unhealthy foods in large quantities and at the wrong time. He knew deep inside that he had to go deeper and dig into the nutrition area not just the work out area and combine them. Mario came up with a concept that 6 years later fast forwarded into a multi million dollar business success with a staff of over 1,000. Today you can find my fit foods in over 50 stores in multiple states in the country; Texas, Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Idaho and more. One store is launching in Newport Beach, California April 2013!

What is the secret to Mario’s success and My Fit Foods? Passion!

My Fit Foods is the obvious product. It educates consumers about healthy eating so they independently can make better food choices anywhere and anytime. Consumers can sit down and have a free nutritional consult anytime they come into the stores. The staff goes the extra mile for you and you feel rejuvenated and totally charged and ready to embark on you’re my fit foods journey.

Furthermore, my fit foods serves up a variety of grab and go healthy meals perfectly portioned to help you lose those stubborn pounds. Meals are designed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in the various sizes for women and men. Of the products, 99% are gluten-free, making My Fit Foods fit for diabetics as well.

Throughout the course of our lives we fall in love multiple times, with people and often with things that stimulate us and get us hooked, hypnotizing us to have them in our possessions; the my, sometimes it’s not the very best fit for us.

Falling in love with My Fit Foods is; It will impact your life in all its facets, in the most positive fashion and you will slowly and surely fall in love and like the person who keeps you company at all times wherever you go: you!

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