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We Are What We Do!

These 5 words introduce a powerful message…WE ARE WHAT WE DO.

We aim to obtain a recognized and lovable identity wherever we go and whatever we do, so how can we get there and link our actions to achieve the identity we want to have?

This is not an easy task. Especially since technology is advancing rapidly.

We have all the gadget and tools we need to connect and communicate;  text quickly, leave a brief message and on and on; we take actions quickly and proceed fast to the next thing and on to the next one and so on and on.

Who has time to filter and marinate what we do? What we think? Not to mention how we do it? Are our choices and actions ignited by emotions or more common sense and logic?

Researching this very powerful topic I’ve come to the realization that since we don’t take time out before we take action most of our decision are based on quick emotional pick up or emotional lift and later on down the line we face the consequences we often so deeply regret. There is no time to modify our behavior and who wants to?

But as they say it’s never too late! I have amazing news for you all concerned about this very topic.

I had a chance to speak with Albert Bolea and he shared with me so skillfully and so deeply his applied leadership program. Al says, “My position is that behavior drives potential.” how cool is that?

And he continues, “When a person becomes aware of their behavior and changes it to adopt the behaviors of great leaders they become a great leader and furthermore this redefined potential-behavior relationship shines a new light on everything else in the organization and creates a direct impact one one’s personal life and the action they take.”

The core essence of this approach builds a phenomenal foundation providing the results we seek especially if we want to be known as leaders and highly achieved people creating transformation.

Get to know yourself!

The beauty of Al’s course is the geographical location giving us the utmost powerful tools to impact our behavior and thinking;  Can you imagine guided fishing in the pristine waters of Alaska’ Inside Passage.

As you cross this extraordinary Alaskan passage you are exposed to nature like never before, you connect mind, body and soul with your surrounding and on your journey you get to know yourself better than ever before and your behavior is showing signs of bridging you to a place where you will be content personally and professionally and totally comfortable with who you are!

You are what you do! And how you do it! THE big why becomes clear as the flowing waters of Alaska.

Who can ask for more than that?

Ana Weber is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.