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Iceberg Thinking

Did you know that your unconscious mind is running your life – and it doesn’t even know what it is saying!

It is easy to imagine that you are aware of all of your thoughts and that you always consciously manage your own life. That would be very useful, if it were true. Unfortunately, most of the programs running your beliefs, ideas, and behaviors are unknown to you consciously.

These programs run automatically and are established in both your inherent DNA and from everything you have learned and experienced since, including all the data you took in up until approximately the age of 6, when your brain was a sponge for other people’s programs. Most of the programs that run your daily life are recordings, stored deep in the subconscious mind and comprising at least 95% of how you think and behave.

Although our new science demonstrates that we are essentially born with the capacity for emotional intelligence and are inherently a species of compassion and cooperation. It is the programs in the subconscious that tap into the fear based innate life-saving programs such as the fight-flight response that can interfere with more long-term decision-making processes.

The fight-flight program is a terrific for running from lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

But it can be as significant stumbling block in negotiations between companies and townships and countries. And it is no help at all in normal family relationships when listening and understanding are the keys to peace and growth within the family unit.

This is probably the biggest roadblock to living from a conscious, rational, compassionate and reasonable standpoint.  It is your emotional clarity that actually helps you make your best decisions and act in your best interests and the best interests of others.  When you fully develop self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills and empathy, you have more options for responding from the 5% of your conscious mind rather than reacting from the 95% of your unconscious programs.

So how do you stay more often ‘above the water line’?

You actually possess the mastery to do this already:

  1. Information is the first step – being aware that you have the capacity to change.
  2. Finding the best way for you to function more from your conscious awareness is the second step – whether it is meditation, Tai Chi, stress management training, anger management training, swimming, walking, running, The One Command, or any skill or technique that you prefer and that clearly establishes a consistent level of inner peace and clarity.

You have an innate capacity to function from a state of inner peace, clear thinking, intuitive creativity and joy. You simply need to make the conscious choice to move to the brainwave levels of alpha and theta through the practice of skills and techniques such as those listed in step 2, and thereby change the quality and outcomes of your life!


Katie Garnett is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.