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There Is More Than Enough

There Is More Than EnoughI have a confession to make. I have been pulled into the diabolical mindset of “there’s not enough” in my life.

If you watched my daily activities when I was in my twenties and early thirties, you would see, “there’s not enough time,” “there’s not enough food,” “there’s not enough money,” and “there aren’t enough shoes!” lived out through my actions, thoughts and even the way I prayed.

Then someone with influence in my life spoke words that touched a deeper place within and a blessed shift started to occur. My pastor at the time, Neil Earle, gave a message about Ecclesiastes 3:11, where it is written, “He planted eternity in the human heart . . .” That was nearly 20 years ago. It has taken some time for this message to become fully present in my experiences of life, but I am beginning to understand it at a cellular level.

Others have helped me internalize the fullness of this message, too. Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money, is another person who spoke into my life at just the right time. She came into my life with Queen-Esther-like timing (“for such a time as this . . .” Esther 4:14) and deepened my awareness of how these “there’s not enough” messages were impacting every one of my experiences.

And now I find myself at a place in life where I am seeing just how much there really is…WAY too much!

Much more than I actually need. This has been illustrated again to me recently during our recent vacation.

My husband and I are living in a tiny little flat over the summer in Paris. We have two big celebrations this summer, and we have planned to spend extended time here to celebrate them both. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary two weeks ago, and next week we will celebrate my 50th birthday. Fun stuff!

So, here we are in this tiny Parisian flat. And I do mean tiny! I have a big bruise on my forearm from turning around from the kitchen sink and heading confidently out of the door. Only instead of out of the door, I ran smack into a support post in the middle of the kitchen. That’s how tiny it is! The master bathroom is like an RV bathroom, very efficient and compact. Not an inch of wasted space.

The rooms in our apartment here have be compact to maximize the experience from the large living room overlooking Tuileries Gardens, the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay on the opposite bank of the Seine River. It is truly a spectacular space, both inside and outside. And there is enough room for absolutely everything.

My husband and I moved in December 2013 from a large, family estate in California to a small condo in a high-rise building in downtown Austin, TX. We felt at that time that we were really crowded in our new condo, with very little space and very little storage. We don’t plan to live in the condo indefinitely, so most of our furniture, artwork and our library of books are going to go into long-term storage.

And then we traveled to Paris.

I know when I return to my new home in Austin, I will have a new appreciation for the space we do have. Not only is there enough, there is more than enough!

Think about your life. Where are the places you are feeling like there is not enough?

Is it true that there is not enough, or is it your perspective that there is not enough?

That is the wonderful thing about perspective. It can shift. In order for your perspective to shift, you need to make a conscious decision to take a different position so that you can see from that new vantage point. From the vantage point of eternity, I become aware of the abundance of time and resources available to me. From the vantage of point of the fleeting moments, I feel pressured and frazzled.

The choice is mine… will I live from that place of eternity planted within my heart? I have made my choice, now it is your turn.

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