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Podcast: What Talents Are In Your Natural Tool Box?

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Podcast: What Talents Are In Your Natural Tool Box?Dr. Fay Maureen Butler is a Pastor, Author, Ministry President and Social Media Strategist for Ministries. Dr. Fay is author of Breadcrumbs: Inspirational Thoughts and Motivational Quotes and will be talking with us today about how to discover what talents are in your natural tool box.

What Talents Are In Your Natural Tool Box?

  • What’s the first step to finding out what your natural talents are?
  • Why don’t most people ever find out what their true purpose is?
  • Do we tend to accept “average”? Why?
  • What if you are scared of change? How do you take the plunge?
  • How do you know you are finally living in your purpose?

For more information on Dr. Fay Maureen Butler, her books, services and speaking engagements please visit www.drfaymaureen.com

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