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Podcast: Build & Grow A Profitable Side-Hustle

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jenningswire, podcasts, farnoosh brock, entrepreneur, career success, happiness, start up business, follow dreams, career successFarnoosh Brock is an entrepreneur, author, business coach, green juice addict and devout Ashtanga yogini. After a successful corporate career at a Fortune 100 company, she started Prolific Living Inc. to fulfill her entrepreneurial passions and helps employees in transition to build a profitable side-hustle and grow it to a full online business.

Build & Grow A Profitable Side-Hustle

  • So you left your successful corporate job after 11 years to start and run your own business. If you could do it over now (3+ years later), what would you do differently?
  • A lot of people who have only been in employee roles never dare start their own business. Now that you’ve done both – employee and entrepreneur – what would you say to them?
  • I notice that you are pursuing multiple passions – the general advice is to do one thing really well. How are you managing so many areas of interest in your business? Do you advise it?
  • I know that you work with employees on starting their dream businesses. What’s the biggest mistake that you help them avoid in the process?
  • How do you know if self-employment or entrepreneurship is for you? Can you give us some things to identify with.

If you have entrepreneurial aspirations and want to discover how to create your dream business, check out her FREE video course at www.smartexitblueprint.com.  And to learn more about Farnoosh and Prolific Living, visit her at www.prolificliving.com.

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