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Podcast: How A Gardener’s Touch Can Improve Your Life

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Podcast: How A Gardener's Touch Can Improve Your LifeLeslie Yerkes is an international organizational change consultant, nationally recognized speaker and best-selling author that specializes in using metaphors to frame universal life and work lessons.

How A Gardener’s Touch Can Improve Your Life

  • Why do you use the term “gardener’s touch” when discussing success?
  • What have you learned from observing successful individuals and organizations?
  • What is the one lesson that has most contributed to your success?
  • What tip would you give to someone in the last phase of their career? The beginning of their career?
  • Would you choose small business ownership as a career again if you had the choice?

To learn more about Leslie can be found at www.changeisfun.com, linkedin and facebook.  She loves a good story about healthy working relationships and workplace cultures so send your stories to fun@catalystconsulting.net

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