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I Didn’t Attend the Awards

I won!?

I won the best lead performer/actress award…again!? And I didn’t attend the awards.  It’s 11pm and I am getting all these phone calls from people who care and want to congratulate me and I didn’t attend the awards.  What was I thinking?  What was my excuse..the one way down deep inside that no one can detect.

Maybe I didn’t want to spend the money.

It was pretty pricey and what with gas expenses and all? It was a bit of a ways away. I certainly didn’t want to confront a few people that I knew would be there….and maybe they would win and I wouldn’t.  Is that the real reason?  All my life I have strived for awards, something to validate my talents and me, and I didn’t attend the awards.  Oh, I could use the excuse of my emergency root canal (which did happen) but I didn’t attend the awards.

So, can you bring up a variation on this theme in your life?  When did you not attend the awards? Didn’t show up for what was a major event in your life? With or without an excuse?

When did something matter to you, but you allowed some minor little obstacles to block your way?

Maybe the event was personal and you didn’t show up for YOU.  AAHH! Did I just hit a nerve?  What does prevent us from just showing up?  Showing up at the gym, singing your songs, dancing your dances, playing your piano, painting your pictures, writing the book, and Yes, at your age…getting a job!  What is one thing (just pick it) that would make you feel good, just for showing up.  Nothing has to be grandiose, it just needs to be something that would make you take a different picture of what you can and can’t do. What you have “hidden way down deep inside that no one can detect”.

It almost feels like… Fear.

So what’s the worst case scenario?  You do it anyway and the other person wins the award.  Now.. So What? Was that really all that bad?  What is this all about winning? When we can validate ourselves…give ourselves a little trophy every day.  I think that is one grand idea!  However, you have to do something to win your award….YOU have to show up for YOU!!!


Marcia Harp is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.