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YOU Are Something Special!

Do you have any idea how special you are and what a blessing you are to so many other people?

You probably don’t know how many lives you touch each day just by being YOU.  There are so many things you do each and every day and the best part is that you put your own “spin” onto them,  After all, no one can duplicate an original.

As our days continue to twist and twirl around us, sometimes we need a tiny little reminder now and then to slow us down and let the blessing we are shine through.  If we stop and think how others have impacted us this week can we even remember what they said or did that made us feel so special?

It could be just the warmth of a smile or words of encouragement they gave us, or maybe they remembered something important to us.  Or, could it have been they simply gave us a precious gift called “their time” to let us know that we are special to them?

A thread that runs through most of our experiences is the people who made all the difference to us; most likely it was their kindness and the fact that they took the time to let us know that we are special to them.  Maybe today, we can think about others who are around during our day, even if we do not know much about them.  We can make a difference in an otherwise, ordinary day.

Show others the kind of genuine interest that could make a difference, like:

A Smile.

A Moment.

Your Time.

What a beautiful gift you can give that stays right on budget – you don’t even have to open your wallet.

Everyone needs a blessing each day.  How can you be one today?

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