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Ready To Give Up Some Things & See Your Happiness Explode?

All of us seem to hang onto so many things that cause us pain, stress and much soul-searching.

We need to let some things go – throw away old habits and allow ourselves to be truly happy.

Ready to go?

Give up your need to always be right.  Ask yourself would I rather be right or kind, just for a change?  Is your ego that big?

Give up your need to control.  Why not let others around to “just be”, it might be nice to let others handle things for a change.

Give up your self-defeating talk in your head.

This only brings you down and you do not need it.  Give up complaining.  Usually, it is not the situation that triggers these feelings but how you choose to look at things.

Give up criticism.  All of us are different, yet all are the same.  We all have our personal take on things.

Give up your need to always impress others.  Why not stop trying so hard to be something you are not to make others like you?  It doesn’t work this way.  The moment you act like yourself, people will be drawn to you.

Give up labeling things as weird or different.  Open minds can work wonders.

Give up living your life to fit into other’s expectations.  It is not good to try to be what others think you should be.  Be yourself.

Never let go of all the exciting thoughts and feelings that make you so happy and bring you so much joy.

Get excited with your life and never let anyone take this away from you.  After all, you are an original and you sure don’t want to live your life as a copy.

You have one life, and you must own it.  Don’t let other people’s opinions distract you from your chosen path.

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