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When Bad Things Happen Choose to THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive

When Bad Things Happen Choose to THRIVE! Don't Just SurviveBad things happen to everyone.

People get sick. They get hurt. They lose their job. They get a new job and have to move or take on more responsibility. Their best friend moves away. People die.

No one escapes life’s inevitable events. When the Universe throws obstacles on your path you get to choose whether to be overwhelmed or to handle the matter and then move forward.

You may have to step out in a new unknown direction. Perhaps your body and functioning have been altered by the event. Or maybe someone you love has experienced a life-altering injury or emotional upheaval. Again, the choice of how to move on in life lies in your hands.

How can you prepare for life’s undesired surprises? Well, the point is you can prepare. How?

The degree to which you survive and then thrive in the face of devastating happenings reflects your level of happiness. Happiness is a life style. It is independent of events or specific outcomes.

Happiness is a way of living that allows you to respond, rather than blindly react, to circumstances.

It entails a deep knowing that everything happens perfectly and for a beautiful and Divine reason. When you live from your heart you know to look for the gift in the most horrendous situations – maybe not in the very moment but soon afterward.

Let me give you a concrete example. You know someone who lives crisis to crisis. As soon as one issue resolves itself another appears. The person who lives that way likely has a happiness level of 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. You rarely hear good news from that person. In fact, you probably avoid spending much time together because you feel your energy becoming depleted by the negative energy and perpetual grimace of that person.

For that person, if his or her best friend moves away the event will register as a 6 or more on the impact scale of events. There is no way for that person, living at a level 3, to even begin to handle the level 6 event. Devastation will ensue and recovery is unlikely in the near future – if ever.

Now think of someone you know, maybe you, who sees the good in every situation and lives at happiness level 9. When that same event happens, this person responds by slipping to a level 7 and feels the impact, allows the sad or hurt feelings to happen and then, in a short matter of time, resumes life at a happiness level 9.

The choice to react on autopilot, struggling to survive, or to respond and experience the full onslaught of the event while simultaneously maintaining his or her perspective in life, presents the ability to thrive.

People call me, “She who never gives up.” In each moment I choose to Thrive! Don’t Just Survive. Is it easy, given my physical limitations from nerve damage incurred in brain surgery? No. Is it worth the effort? Yes.

In each minute you choose how your world unfolds. This is your life. Choose to win it!

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