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Sure You’re Finished With It?

I was going through my bookshelf and spotted “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren.

Haven’t looked at it in years – but isn’t that the way?  Once you finish reading the book, watching the movie, painting the picture, you move on, right?

Generally, once something is finished, it’s put away, thrown away maybe, given to someone else, even forgotten about – forever.  But in picking up and glancing through the pages of Rick’s book, I realized I remember little of the details and could easily reread it without causing myself any harm in the process.

What is interesting here is not only rereading to remember but rereading with fresh eyes – I’m not the same person I was when I first read it years ago.  With more life experience under my belt, I’m likely to see the content with a different perspective and pull out of it things I may not have understood or been drawn to first time round.

This idea of seeing something old or familiar with fresh eyes goes beyond picking up a forgotten book.

Living life can give us profound vision into existing relationships, challenges, work dynamics, even ourselves if we give them a chance to be revisited.  This second or third chance may be the opportunity to rectify, improve, appreciate, forgive and value what otherwise might have been passed up for good.

Before you discard, ignore or forget something or someone that was important to you at one time, give yourself the second opportunity to revisit that past experience in your life. It may open up a completely new vista to you – a whole new way of seeing things now that you have grown into the awareness to be able to “see more”.

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