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What I Do Today Is Important

What are you doing with your life today?

Such a loaded question… and courtesy of my reading Roy Williams’ “Monday Morning Memo”, where he aims that question at the reader.

Well, I’m writing this and that’s something important I am doing today.  So I’ve covered one hour or so of 24.  Big deal, Kita.  However, what I don’t want this to be for you and me is some veiled threat about how we are such ungrateful creatures and are completely wasting our lives.

On the contrary, “What are you doing with your life today?” is an enthusiastic call to action.  A stirring up of the creative juices in case you’ve waded into your routine too deep and can’t differentiate one day from another this week.  It’s a gentle reminder that what you do IS important because you get to decide every single day what you’re going to do with that day.  And perhaps most poignant here, you can’t repeat it; call it back; or do a do-over.  When the 24 hours is done, it’s done forever.

This question more than anything puts you smack in the middle of the moment.  No regrets about yesterday or wondering about tomorrow but “what am I doing now and how am I experiencing it?”

If you can stay in the moment while you plot your daily course, and savor your activities and the people you choose to be with, then your day will be worth it.  And this more than anything allows you to say, “My life is good.”

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