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Outside The Safe Zone

Are you living in the “zone?”

The zone is where everything is safe and familiar and is always the same.

How does this make you feel?  Certainly, at times this makes you feel good.  But, if you always stay in the safe zone, are you ever learning anything new and exciting and really reaching out for your goals?

Do you limit yourself because you are afraid to take a chance, make a mistake or leave what is familiar?

If you have goals, you need to challenge yourself and start your “baby steps” even if you only go a few steps….hey, you made a start!  What do you have to lose?  Don’t be afraid, you can do it.

Maybe, you should ask yourself:

“What goal have I wanted and dreamed of for a very long time?”

“What do I actually need to do to get my goal started?”

The time is NOW for you to reach and make your goals a reality.  I know how it feels to be safe and it is a nice feeling. I do not want to be in this spot forever and I know I need to make my life “happen”. Let me suggest to you when you accomplish your goal, you will feel an incredible “high”.  You will be so proud of yourself because you made it happen.

Believe in yourself — I believe in YOU!!

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