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My “Four Weddings And A Funeral”

Sometimes life loads you up with a flurry of events so packed together and so important to you that you can barely stop for a breath lest you miss the “this is life” intensity of it all.

This weekend I’m attending my daughter-in-law’s baby shower in the afternoon.

It’s her first – a boy, and the family is over the moon about it. My son is incredibly happy, and I am bursting with pride and joy for them both.

Later that same afternoon, I’m going to my co-worker’s wedding.

She’s thrilled to be marrying the man she’s been with for a number of years, and I’m delighted for them – a generous and happy-go-lucky couple.

This morning I learned that my godmother passed away last night.

I had heard about her going into hospital just last week. She was not feeling well. Little did we know that cancer was ravaging her vital organs. The funeral will be early next week and I will be traveling out of town for it.

She was the auntie I never had, who seemed to be able to smooth over any worries I had, whenever we were together. And boy, could she tell jokes… I swear I would be laughing so hard – she made me pee my pants on more than one occasion. I will remember her with love.

So what has all this got to do with happiness? It’s living what’s going on in your life; participating full-on with laughter, tears and the whole damn thing. Don’t be afraid to let your emotions show.  Bite into your life even if it has the nerve to bite you back.

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