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Podcast: The New World of Work

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Executive & Career Transition Coach, Dr. Beth Ross, is the author of the new eBook, Career Metamorphosis, which is full of helpful hints on moving forward to a new career adventure!

Dr. Beth Ross, who specializes in helping people transition to new employment or careers, says that this is one of the best times in a LONG time to look for a new job or change careers and reveals what you need to know about the “new world of work” to do so.

In this podcast, Dr. Beth Ross, discusses why we are on the cutting edge of the future and reveals the secrets, techniques and strategies for finding career success. What’s the biggest mistake people are making in their careers right now? Find out in this info-packed podcast!

The New World of Work & Career Success

  • What exactly is the “new world of work”?
  • How has interviewing changed and how can you be competitive in this new environment?
  • What networking secrets will make your career soar?
  • Where are job seekers making their biggest mistakes?
  • What one most important tip can you leave with our listeners?

To learn more about Dr. Beth Ross and her new eBook Career Metamorphosis  please visit her site BethRoss.com

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