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Podcast: Tips To Handle Tough Conversations

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Tips To Handle Tough ConversationsMary Nestor-Harper is the author of  SAY IT NOW! SAY IT RIGHT!—Tips to Handle The Tough (and Tender) Conversations In Any Business and Life Situation, where she urges business leaders, employees and individuals to seize the moment when their heart (and gut) tells them it’s time to speak up, with power and purpose, to get their message across and make an impact.

Tips To Handle Tough Conversations

  • What are the dangers in organizations when Leaders or Managers won’t speak up and deal with problems or issues?
  • If you go around pointing out someone’s shortcomings or making unsolicited suggestions for improvement, won’t people be offended or think you’re being critical and get defensive?
  • We hear a lot about being authentic in relationships. What are some tips from the book in handling those tough conversations with your partner, spouse or children?
  • Most people don’t like confrontation, or having uncomfortable conversations. What tips do you have for overcoming that reluctance?

To learn more about Mary, please visit her website at www.marynestorharper.com.  You’ll also find her on Facebook @marynestorharper, and on Twitter @mnhwrites. Her new book, SAY IT NOW! SAY IT RIGHT!—Tips to Handle The Tough (and Tender) Conversations In Any Business and Life Situation (Motivational Press), is available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com.

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