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Podcast: The cLEAN Momma Workout

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Carolyn Barnes is a mother of two and knows all about the interruptive power of that endless to-do list, especially when it comes to workout time. She is an innovative, fun and has been featured on Good Morning America, The Doctors and on the cover of the Wall Street Journal!

This Certified Pilates Instructor took matters into her own hands and created the ultimate multi-tasking program, The cLEAN Momma Workout. Soon Carolyn lost the extra 52 pounds of baby weight, toned up and was able to take care of everything on her to-do list.

Carolyn shares her “TASKERCISE” concept along with her book The cLEAN Momma Workout which was published by Harper Collins this past December.

Get get toned, lose weight, build muscle while you take care of your daily chores

  • So what exactly is taskercise and where can you do it?
  • What are a few examples of moves beginners can do ANYWHERE?
  • People might feel silly doing squats at the gas pump – how do they get over that feeling of embarrassment?
  • Busy moms not only have to squeeze in workout time, but also healthy food prep time – what are your “grab me” foods?
  • What’s your one piece of advice for women who are unhappy with their bodies, but can’t seem to get on the healthy track?

To learn more about Health and Wellness Coach Carolyn Barnes, TASKERCISING, The cLEAN Momma Workout book and her DVD Get Lean While you cLEAN please visit CleanMomma.com.

Thanks Carolyn for a fun and informative interview!

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