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Podcast: Face Reading For Success

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Sharyn Abbott is a Business Development Consultant and Trainer who specializes in helping entrepreneurs grow through education and relationship building strategies.

She is the author of ten books, her latest is About Face: Traits Tell Tales, Learn to Read Faces and Increase Your Sales.

In today’s podcast, Sharyn discusses the ancient practice of face reading and how to use it in your life.

Face Reading For Success

  • What exactly is face reading – also known as Physiognomy?
  • Can you look at a picture and immediately know how to talk to that person?
  • What features are the most telling?
  • How can you incorporate face reading into your daily life at work, in social media, or in relationships?
  • What can you expect to gain from learning the art of Physiognomy?

To learn more about Sharyn Abbott, her books, speaking and training services, please visit her website SharynAbbott.com.

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