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Podcast: How To Create A Megastar Voice

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Angela Ray is an award-winning speaker and author, who as a coach, is dedicated to helping people understand that one of the biggest discoveries you can ever make is finding that you have infinite choices.

Angela is the author of Rays of Motivation 99 Tips for Staying Energized, Empowered, and Encouraged to Create Megastar Success in Your Business and Life.

In this podcast, Angela discusses why is it important to use your voice as an asset in your everyday life, your business, your relationships.

Your voice is a tool to create a positive first impression, exude confidence and engage anyone who is listening to you whether as a speaker, communicator or your day to day life.

How To Create A Megastar Voice

  • What is your megastar voice? Why is your voice an important tool in your success?
  • How can your voice make or break you in business and personal life?
  • Why is it important to develop your voice? Why can’t people develop their voice?
  • Do people generally know how they sound to others?
  • What impression does a soft, weak voice give? Can a weak voice be made strong?

To find out more about Angela Ray and her services please visit her virtual home at AngelaRay.com. Angela will be celebrating “Christmas in July” on July 25th by gifting the e-book version of Rays of Motivation for free.  The book can be downloaded on Amazon.com

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