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Podcast: Catch Your Love Star

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Love Heart From Beautiful Bright Stars On Fantasy SkyStacey Barlow is an award winning author, poet and former radio host, who has “caught her own love star” by persevering through life’s challenges to have a healthy relationship with herself and others.

Her book of poems, Rejuvenation: Innocent Until Proven Guilty proves that you must let go of the past and the anger that festers inside yourself.

Catch Your Love Star

  • What do you mean by “catching your love star”
  • Where do you find a love star?
  • How do you catch it?
  • Why do people hang onto the past even when it’s painful?
  • What lessons have you learned?

Stacey’s upcoming books include Precious Jewels and Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through. Stacey Barlow can also be found on FaceBook at www.facebook.com/RIUPG and proceeds from books sales will be donated to the local Domestic Violence Prevention Center.

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