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Podcast: Get Off The Train To Yesterday

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Diane Dill is the author of Last Train to Yesterday: Letting Go of the Past. In this podcast, Diane discusses how negative emotions from your past can follow you, and offer tips to just “get off that train” that keeps taking you back to those hurtful places!

Do you have haunting memories or past painful emotions that you would like to leave behind you so you can lead a fresh and happy life? This podcast tells you how!

Get Off The Train To Yesterday

  • How are haunting memories of our not-so-happy past similar to a train ride?
  • What painful destinations can this train take us too?
  • Why do negative feelings have such power over us?
  • What are the three most important things to remember about our past?
  • Why is it so hard to let go? What is the first step to overcoming hurtful memories?

You can learn more about Diane Dill and her new book Last Train to Yesterday:  Letting Go of the Past as well as her previous book Love Is A Red & White Umbrella by visiting Amazon.com.

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