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Podcast: A Blind Man’s Guide To Success

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Positive AttitudeBorn into a family of carnival owners in Texas, Maxwell Ivey lost his sight at age 12. Having a natural gusto for life, Max graduated college and became heavily involved in the Eagle Scouts. He also worked in the family business alongside brothers until his father succumbed to lung cancer. Faced with his own mortality, Max made some life-altering changes. He underwent gastric surgery and lost over 250 pounds. He started his own business, buying and selling amusement rides, and learned how to blog using software for visually-impaired people. Overcoming many obstacles, Max made a name for himself online and now shares his experiences on The Blind Blogger.  Max’s favorite things entail teaching and helping others achieve their goals, which inspired him to start another business: personal coaching.

Maxwell Ivey is the author of Leading You Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light: A Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide To Success. Max lost his sight at age 12, but didn’t let that get in his way of success, becoming an entrepreneur building a successful business buying and selling amusement rides and now he coaches others to find their own success.

A Blind Man’s Guide To Success

  • You had all the excuses in the world to fail, why didn’t you?
  • How has your blindness impacted your life? Would you take a magic pill to see?
  • What stands in someone’s way of success?
  • Is the key to perseverance simply staying positive?
  • You outline 11 steps for success – what’s the first one?

To learn more about Maxwell Ivey, his book Leading You Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light: A Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide To Success and coaching  services, please visit www.theblindblogger.net

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