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Kindness As A Commodity

Kindness As A CommodityPeople tend to think in terms of personal satisfaction, achievement, and gaining what they desire.

It might be said that the world is somewhat lacking in the desire or effort towards kindness, perhaps because it’s seen as an old-fashioned virtue and not as a productive and useful life application. This is partially because kindness is not seen to pay off in terms of contemporary values or goals.

Sure, it’s nice to be compassionate and do good deeds, but “what’s in it for me”? W.I.I.F.M.?

We’re talking about kindness to yourself as well as to others, and we’re going to look at kindness as being a commodity that brings its own return.

Kindness does pay off because the universe works as a looping device or program in which energy sent forth returns in a never-ending cycle. This fact is being proved mathematically in physics at this very moment. A kind gesture, a nice word, a good deed does not evaporate into space and leave no mark of its existence. Rather it goes out from your mind or your physical gesture (which, by the way, can include a financial donation, an offer of food, or even just a smile and a hug), and it makes its trail of energy in the Akasha, or frequency domain. Then, since it is energy and contains thrust, it loops back to you. That’s when the universe provides you, the doer or giver, with a return. You may be the recipient of a gift; you may be on the nice end of someone’s action; you may win the lotto; or you may simply receive a smile or a compliment that makes you feel happy the rest of the day.

Kindness has a profit, which is joy

The old adage that kindness is its own reward can be seen as something other than a platitude, and merely a virtue (although nothing is wrong with virtue). In today’s world, kindness can be seen as a commodity that can be spent, and then returned threefold. People who are focused on self-gratification or climbing the ladder of success should (or need to) begin to see that kindness brings its own return.

Look at kindness as energy. If you want more of that good stuff returning to you in the form of happiness, send it out. Spend your infinite reserve of kindness. Pay if forward and wait and see what life brings you back.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


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