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Metaphysical Magic: Spinning Your Narrative To Stay In The Light

Stay PositiveBad stuff happens. 

It happens with a certain regularity that just being alive produces.  And yet, we always have choice.  We may not have a choice to completely avoid our hardships but there is a way to alter your thoughts around them in order to liberate yourself quickly and change the dynamic about what you think you’re going through.

The best way for me to explain this is to give you some examples that happened recently in my life.  But first, I want to clarify.

Spinning your narrative is no different than changing the storyline you’re telling yourself about your life and your situation.

It means explaining to yourself what just happened in a drastically different way than you’re used to doing.  That way would be towards the light, or towards the positive.  If you tell yourself that something that just occurred has a positive spin in its meaning to you, that is equivalent to changing the pattern of events as your mind interprets it, and thus changing the nature of your reality, the very hologram in which you live.

So let’s get real.  Let’s talk about three actual events that just happened to me, and how I deliberately spun them in my thoughts so that I could stay in a positive vibration.

Event #1: I messed up a pedicure.  Big deal!  In the course of world events, that’s about as trivial as you can get.  However, I was scheduled to take a two hour round-trip drive to appear at an event the very next day, and the weather was lousy.  The predictions were for rain and fog, and especially in the evening on the way home the travel would be dicey.  And as an astrologer, I was seeing a pattern that might represent a car wreck (Mars SQQ Uranus).  For the first couple of seconds upon discovering my pedicure mess-up, boy, was I bummed!  But then my mind said, “This is my Mars event!”  Since the bad astro-pattern could as easily have represented the pedicure mess-up as the car wreck, my mind then felt relieved.  I chose to determine that the energy had been diverted from a possible car accident to a toe incident, which put me at ease and gave me no trouble driving through pea soup the next day.

Event #2 is a little more complicated to explain because it involves plumbing!  I was sleeping in a basement bedroom for a few days while my husband’s knee surgery kept him awake throughout the night, but in order to make the downstairs dormitory livable I had to rely on a bathroom that used an ejector pump (a special device that allows that toilet to flush upwards).  My husband’s limitations were depressing him, and his pain was becoming exacerbated by my nighttime absence, so I took the incident of the broken toilet as a sign from the universe meaning that I should try the next night by his side once more.  “Since the toilet down there isn’t working, I’m supposed to give it a try tonight in our bed.”  In a positive frame of mind, I got a full night’s sleep and he went back to his magical recuperation.  The positive spin on the negative occurrence made all the difference in both our lives.

Finally, the third (more important) incident in the scheme of things threw me a curve as a hoped-for publisher said no to my manuscript.  This setback could have been mentally devastating, but I chose not to go there.  I chose instead to say “that road wasn’t meant”.  Two days later, I followed a hunch to a link online, and to be brief, I can say that sunshine is peeking over the horizon regarding my beloved project, and a light can finally be seen at the end of the long tunnel.  Yay!

These three incidents can be used to understand how to switch your mind from its negative entrapment to a fresh positive spin without any other exterior force entering the picture.  You have control.  You are the creator of your next moment’s reality, and as you do this, you learn that you have an untapped power to bring positives towards you rather than remain stuck in your particular shade of darkness, whether trivial or momentous.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


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