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Is Spirituality The New Cool?

What is spirituality?

When we go beyond an Either/Or mind set to the world of Both/And, we can honor both the highest spiritual connection and enjoy the best material creations. We don’t have to be disheartened by an “old world view” choice between “material” and “spiritual.” And yes, that’s cool.

AT&T is “rethinking possible,” Subaru is sprinkling out magic Love dust, Liberty Mutual applauds random acts of kindness, and Tanktop Nation insets embroidered words of wisdom into your favorite jeans. Okay, maybe none of those examples are exactly what you would call “cool”—except for our friend’s new denim line that is, yet there is something to be said for the new trend – a clear and present yearning for spirituality expressed.

Let me clarify straightaway—when I say “spirituality” I’m not speaking about religion. I am referring to what “spirituality” actual signifies. Religion is one of the ways we connect to spirituality. Spirituality is the  “What” we’re connecting to. Consider that spirituality is more an attitude—a profound kind of attitude like what the Sanskrit word “bhav” denotes: a feeling of reverence and devotion to highest aspects of life, honoring the Good beyond good and evil.   In today’s crazy changing times, meaning and purpose and a sense of belonging and all that good stuff is what we all seem to want, now more than ever. We’re grounded by it.

Talking about spirituality

I can’t tell you how many times I’m in a conversation with someone I just met when they pause and almost whisper as if it’s a trade secret, “I’m very spiritual, you know.” What is this person sitting next to me in my mother’s eye doctor’s office trying to tell me? What’s up with the big hush-hush anyway?

Is it that we’re concerned that if we “admit” we’re closet spiritual seekers that we might have to give something up? Some companies advertise their brands as “guilty pleasures.” Do we have to feel guilty about enjoying a delicious chocolate or about loving our new golden bling Jimmy Choo’s? Do we have to feel we’re not on God’s “good” list because we love hip-hop, enjoy a great mojito, and desire “the best or nothing” to quote the Mercedes advert borrowing from the playbook of Oscar Wilde? To “qualify” as spiritual—do we have to be anti-rich, going around repeating the Least-action Pathway* cliché “they’re rich but they’re not happy” nonsense?

Either/or mindset

Now some people may think so—because the old world “Either/Or” conditioned thinking might have you convinced or at least in a quandary about whether you can be spiritual and enjoy being a “material girl” in the same breath. Herein lies the beauty of awakened thinking: awakened thinking is the ability to think beyond clichés and culturally conditioned beliefs so we’re not stuck with them! When we go beyond an Either/Or mind-set to the quantum world of Both/And, we can honor BOTH the highest spiritual connection AND enjoy the best material creations. We don’t have to be disheartened by an “old world view” that makes us feel we have to choose between “material” and “spiritual.” And yes, that’s cool.

Think about it. When you trace our material creations back to their source what you find is the creative spirit of the person who had the vision, who put the vision into motion, who manifested their dream into a reality that all the rest of us could enjoy. A clothing design, an inspired song, a finely crafted cabinet that graces your home—whatever it is, that spark of creativity in each one of us has its source in “spirit” or what many of us think of as simply Divine.

Why is spirituality cool?

Spirituality is cool because it’s our true nature. We’re happy, we’re connected, we’re heartfelt, we’re spiritual! Aware of your true nature you realize that Happiness is not a function of being rich or not being rich, or any other condition or circumstance. Happiness is the core of who we are. It’s all a matter of what you connect to. Which brings me back to my initial point—spirituality being the New Cool. So go on loving Fashion Police, Gossip Girl and Game of Thrones, take some enjoyment in both the seriousness and the absurdity in politics. Appreciate all of it—sans guilt, knowing in our hearts that we indeed are spirituality personified. And you know what? That really is cool.