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THE CECIL FACTORPeople’s stress levels are elevated, and some may even feel that matters are hopeless.

With headlines assaulting us with stories of maniacs shooting theatergoers, natural disasters in many parts of the globe and a general coarsening of the way people treat each other, it might seem as though the world were falling apart.  In many ways there is no doubt that chaos rules the day, and we are indeed “living in interesting times”.

Without doubt, we are living through the fallout of one of the most difficult astrological patterns that is possible, usually causing crisis and revolution.  Being alive at the moment on planet Earth definitely doesn’t feel like a walk in the park!  And our media – movies, television, books, music, and certain pieces of art – also reflects this angst.  Dystopia is a common premise, as are horror, murder, vampirism, and zombie themes.

However, at the very same time there is a very different energy infiltrating our minds and our cultures.  This is the spiritual and creative pattern of Neptune in its own sign of Pisces that is helping many to pierce the veil of the unknown, to probe the mysteries of life-after-death, to awaken our intuition and natural psychic abilities, and to fulfill the deep yearning for higher ideals and spiritual stirring that is permeating our lives, even as we focus on the dark stuff.

This secondary pattern by its nature is less visible; it is less tangible to our five senses.  And as we dwell in fascination on such pop cultural phenomena, such as the Kardashians and Caitlin Jenner, or anxiously deal with a weakened nation and various looming dire threats, we may not be cognizant of its subtle works.

How does this new and powerful energy actually manifest itself?

Paranormal abilities are a large part of its appearance.  For example, a Facebook post trumpets “Amid epic drought, California farmers turn to water witches”, detailing the resurrection of the ancient art of dowsing that can’t be explained well by scientists but that has a long and revered tradition of efficacy.  Compassion for all life is another, seen for instance in the great upswell of outrage against the canned hunting of Cecil and other big cats or endangered species, wherein a grassroots movement of compassion for all living creatures is forcing changes in airline policy and even national legislation.  We see kindness towards one another in the wake of natural disasters, and we see this in stark juxtaposition to the device of hate that is fostered by politics or war.

Yes, this dichotomy between good and evil is always there, and always will be.  But we are now in an age of dramatic and accelerating contrast.  It is as though the forces of light are squaring off against powerful forces of darkness.  Now would be a good time to remember that light always wins out, and that the entire thrust of the cosmic plan is towards the spiritualizing of the Earth and all of its offspring as well as the full awakening and self-realization of its sentient creatures (who are us).

A new days dawns – messily, but nevertheless evolving well.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


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