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How to Move From Fear To Lightness

How to Move From Fear To LightnessInside us lurk our hidden fears.  We all have some.

They remain below, in secret, beneath the surface of our daily lives, our presentation of self to the world. Sometimes we are aware of their existence, their nature, their specifics. But sometimes they are unconscious, troubling us from our dark depths, not even able to be brought to light. Surely, they influence our choices, and block some of our actions. The toxicity of our hidden fears may even cause our diseases. Anxieties have power.

What to do about this all-too-human trait?

Many of us have reached a point of wanting to reveal our fears, wanting their erasure, wanting to express them, communicate them. We sense that in doing so, we can learn to take back personal power against this unknown, lurking poison. We intuit that the remedy somehow lies in the telling.

Is this true? Could this simple action be the cure?

Yes. Yet we are usually too scared to look at what underlies the fear. We feel paralyzed by it. So, the first work is to search and probe within, looking for clues, trying to identify and name the basis of the anxiety. What might be found so deep, deep down could be revealed as a fear of death… but also a fear of abandonment, rejection, loss of love, isolation, or many another negative possibility. At this point, we don’t realize our true power as creators. We are blocked and hindered by unformed thoughts.

Upon identifying the root of an anxiety, the next step is the telling of it. To whom? To a close relationship, to a therapist, to a journal or diary, or even on a blog. It doesn’t matter too much. The point is to own it, say it, remove its power from its secrecy. If at all possible, laugh at it, and turn it into a joke. The best comedians do this. They speak their fears to the world, and we all can relate and find the human frailty in it.

After managing to do this comes wholeness; you feel lighter, healthier, and more together. It’s ok now. You see, the telling is the release. Hiding gives fears power; telling lightens you. It’s over, you realize. Let’s get on with it!

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.

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