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Do The Soul’s Type Of Life Review

There is a concept in metaphysics called the Life Review.

It refers to the soul’s review of the recent lifetime from its unique perspective. The soul’s perspective on the incidents that comprise one’s journey is, of course, different from that of the personality’s because the soul has chosen its experiences before incarnation, and now chooses to evaluate what was expected versus what was encountered… all of which lead to the accumulation of wisdom.

Many of us often review our lives while we are in the here-and-now. We may reminisce; we may look through old photos; we may think about relationships that are passed, even those that have passed on; and mourn or cherish these. We may have certain regrets about actions taken or not taken. This is normal and common, and constitutes a review while you are “inside” the incarnation. These reviews are colored by emotion and physical health, and the general perspective is that of being “lost” in one’s drama. In other words, there is only a certain amount of detachment based on an individual’s makeup that applies.

However, this type of life review would differ greatly from that of the soul’s, once liberated from the body.

A soul’s life review looks at experiences and relationships and emotions from the point of view of their value to that person’s spiritual evolution. Therefore, a painful human experience might be a treasure from the soul’s point of view, for it has resulted in greater compassion, whereas an enjoyable indulgence in pleasures from the soul’s point of view might represent wasted energy and little gain. I’m not saying this is true of all pleasant experiences, nor even of the painful ones. I’m merely explaining the shift in point of view between these very different perspectives.

It’s good to understand this because there is nothing stopping anyone from doing a soul type of life review while one is still here in the physical vehicle. In fact, it’s a means of empowerment to do so because one can begin to own the difficult challenges, appreciate the strengths or insights they give, and see their silver linings from a whole new viewpoint. Many people already naturally do this. It simply requires a shift in your core identity. Are you, for example, Judi, going through her various ups and downs from day to day or year to year, or are you, for example, Judi’s higher self – her soul – looking apart, or from on high, or with the detachment that comes with an out-of-body point of view, and evaluating from that new way what the life has offered?

Try it. Practice it. Do it in as many opportunities as you can, because it will take you right out of victimhood and into an aspect of mastery.  Good luck!

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


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