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How To Tell If An Author Is Important

Fiction or nonfiction, is the book worth reading?

Is the author a good storyteller (fiction) or does he or she have something valuable to say (nonfiction). Just look at the cover.

When an author is new and unknown, his or her name goes under the title. As authors become known, the name rises to the top of the cover.


Once they are recognized as an authority, they benefit from people buying the book by the author’s name.

If you are a beginning author, placing your name above the title on the cover of your book may be presumptuous or could be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You may expand the use of your brand by placing your name at the top of the opening slides in your multimedia (PowerPoint) presentations, on the home page your website and in any printed and online promotion that you do.

You are the celebrity, the authority, you have studied the field, focused the material, and written it down.

People want to hear from the expert.

Remember that readers hold books and authors in high esteem. Capitalize on your credibility and AUTHORity. Exercise your name as a brand.

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