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How To Propose On Valentine’s Day!

Should I or shouldn’t I propose on Valentine’s Day?

Well, that’s the question a lot of men are asking themselves right now and as for the women they are wondering . . .

Will he or won’t he propose on Valentine’s Day?

YES, DO IT!  says Romance and Relationship pro, Bree Maresca-Kramer, M.A. of ItsThatSimple.com, “what better time to declare your love and commitment than proposing on the most romantic holiday of the year!”  Bree shares her romance tips that will help you plan a special, memorable proposal that she will talk about over and over throughout the years to come.

Women dream of how their beloved will ask them to get married.   They think about it and hope it will be extraordinary. Remember, how you propose will be told and retold to friends, families, and inquiring strangers for the entire length of your marriage…no pressure there! The most important thing to remember is to make the proposal your own.

Make it from your heart: Nothing tells the woman you love how much you care than delighting her with your personal touch. The best way to do this is to combine what is special to her and yourself in a creative way.

For instance, if she is passionate about horses and your passion is hiking than surprise her with a horseback ride. You can guide her horse to a beautiful spot while you hike and she enjoys the ride. Once you arrive at the destination, help her down off her horse, kneel down, and deliver your heart-felt proposal. She will feel like you are her prince charming for sure.  Perhaps she is involved with a certain charity for children. You could arrange ahead of time to have the children get involved for the big day.

Proposal tips contributed by Relationship Expert,  Bree Maresca-Kramer, M.A., author of the relationship series for men and women, It’s That Simple.  Please visit Bree at ItsThatSimple.ws.

WARNING: Never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to.

“If you aren’t sure that your girlfriend will say ‘yes’ then you better wait and continue to win her over,” says Dating and Romance Expert, Craig S. Wilson, author of the just released relationship book, Dating For Life: The Four Keys. 

Assuming that she is fully on-board with saying “YES”, a great way to ask your girlfriend to marry you is to “pave the way” by taking her somewhere that is special and romantic.  Utilize all the senses to make the moment memorable–visual (beautiful location), auditory (soft music etc), tastes (great dinner or wine), smells (flowers) and senses (softly touching her hands).

Popping the actual question:  Old fashioned romance is important too.  Your girlfriend may be a millennial but chances are that she has seen every romantic movie hit from the last twenty years.  Get down on one knee.  Say something that is meaningful to ONLY her.  Something that signals to her that you truly “do” hear her and understand what’s important to her. When you finish your proposal, offer the ring.  Do not get up from one knee until she accepts. Assuming it’s the big “YES!” plant the most meaningful kiss you could ever deliver.  This is one of the most magical moments you will have in your relationship.

Proposal tips contributed by Craig S. Wilson, author of Dating For Life: The Four Keys.  Please visit Craig at DatingForLife.com.

Does she love to shop?

Is she the ‘life of the party’ type? What if she prefers quiet nights in? Or loves all things nature related? (proposal tip sheet below)

“How did he propose?” This is most likely the first question women will ask after the announcement of your engagement. Marriage Proposal Planner, Michele Velazquez, of  The Heart Bandits, a service that helps you discover, create and plan the perfect marriage proposal, offers the following proposal tips:

My number one tip is to not propose in a cliché manner.  “The first question women are asked when they announce their engagement is ‘How did he propose?’ so come up with a unique proposal idea that is relevant to your girlfriend and your relationship.  She will be happy.”

HEART BANDITS TO THE RESCUE:  Coming up with marriage proposal ideas can be stressful but The Heart Bandits are here to help. The Heart Bandits Proposal Planners will help you personalize the ideas to make sure she gets a one-of-a-kind proposal. Below are examples of the types of personalities that The Heart Bandts come across and the style of proposals that they may desire.  Which type is your girlfriend?


Watch for:

  • Lots of name brand clothing, purses, and shoes
  • Subscriptions to InStyle, Vogue, or Lucky Magazine
  • She watches E! Channel
  • Excessive shopping


Start the day off by leaving your credit card a note by her bed telling her take your card and go buy a beautiful dress and high heels for the evening. Have a limo waiting outside to take her from store to store. After she’s done shopping, have the limo take her to a 5-star hotel where she would get ready for the evening…


Watch for:

  • Tons of new friend requests on Facebook
  • Everywhere you go people know her name
  • Her weekends are booked with tons of parties and barbecues
  • She likes to be the center of attention


Send her an Evite requesting that she meet you at the hottest lounge in your city. When she arrives, there’s a red carpet rolled out and her name is up in lights. When she walks in she realizes that it’s a masquerade ball in her honor….


Watch for:

  • Prefers quiet nights in
  • Doesn’t like crowds
  • Prefers one-on-one conversations
  • Does not want to be the center of attention


Take her to a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant followed by a moon-lit romantic walk in the park. You stumble upon a deserted gazebo that is lit with candles and adorned with hanging photographs of the two of you…


Watch for:

  • Her closet is filled with active wear
  • She is really low-maintenance
  • Knows the hiking trails in your area
  • Her ideal date would involve nature


Pack a basket with champagne and strawberries and invite her on a scenic hike with an ocean view. At the viewpoint, there would be a blanket and tiki torches waiting for you. You take out the strawberries and champagne…

Proposal tips contributed by Marriage Proposal Planner, Michele Velazquez. Want to know more about how to get help proposing?  Be sure to visit TheHeartBandits.com

Should you video tape the proposal?

Wedding Planning Expert, Denise Buzy-Pucheu, of The Persnickety Bride, says that over the years, she has heard of some of the most romantic engagements caught on tape that fit the couple’s personalities.  Denise offers these two ideas, which present good opportunities to capture video footage of the proposal for you to share and be enjoyed for years to come:

Just for the two of you. For the couple that loves to hike, the proposer may schedule a trip to a bed and breakfast near the mountains, and could hire a local videographer to hide and tape the proposal as it happens during the hike or the picnic lunch that has been set up in advance. This can also be done at a beach, the zoo, an aquarium or a variety of different locations with various twists.

A proposal followed by a big party.  Another idea that I love, is to go to a restaurant that has a back room just for small parties. Set up your dinner date with your love (in advance of course) in the restaurant and have the other room set up to have a select group of friends and family ready to toast you once the proposal has been accepted. Be sure to have a photographer because the excitement captured in those photos will be priceless. The guests can have champagne and hors d’oeuvres as they wait for you. The restaurant holds the ring to deliver with dessert (the proposal comes at dessert ) – adding some music doesn’t hurt either (a nice violinist at dessert time) – then the proposal comes – (and yes get down on a knee in front of the entire restaurant) the yes is delivered and the couple is escorted into their room of friends to celebrate.

Denise also says, “a nice touch to add to the B&B or hotel is to ask the staff to put champagne & chocolate covered strawberries in the room as well as rose petals on the bed for after the proposal is made.”

Proposal tips contributed by Wedding Expert, Denise Buzy-PucheuPresident of DBP & Associates.  Please visit Denise on her website, The Persnickety Bride.

Article by Corinna Kaufman, Journalist For JenningsWire: The World Of Success