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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her – Fun, Romantic & Affordable

It’s Valentine’s Day again.

That time of year that women love and men dread. It’s like a giant gift-giving mine field for men so help yours by forwarding this blog.

The secret to a great Valentine’s Day is to make it romantic. And that doesn’t have to mean expensive.  Remember though, there is a fine line between affordable romantic and just plain cheap. One of my ex-boyfriends gave me a huge box of Valentine’s Day candy and then bragged about how cheap it was because he bought it at a gas station right before he came to see me. Notice I said “ex-boyfriend”.

Here are my tips for a romantic AND affordable Valentine’s Day.


Cheap – Plastic flowers.

Affordable and romantic – Just one perfect red rose. Let her know it is as beautiful and unique as she is. Adding a poem makes it even better. Just make sure it’s not a limerick. If it starts with  “There once was a lady from…” then it probably isn’t romantic.


Cheap – Take her to any restaurant that has plastic chairs and offers kiddie meals.

Affordable and romantic – Surprise your sweetie by taking her to the restaurant where you went on your first date (or had your first kiss). Even if it’s fast food, you might be able to get away with it by reminiscing about that special night. Make sure you pick the right restaurant – if you take her to the restaurant where you first dated someone else, that would make it a date to remember but not in a good way.


Cheap (and stupid) – Let her know that you didn’t get her chocolates because you don’t want her to gain any more weight. (Ouch, there are no cards to make up for that one.)

Affordable and romantic – Give her a small box of her favorite chocolates attached to a cute stuffed animal. (You get points if you actually know what her favorites are. You get minus points if you buy her your favorite candies.)

No matter what you give your sweetie, the most important part of the gift is to let her know why you’re glad that she’s your Valentine. That’s what makes it romantic.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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