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When Your Boss Gives You A Difficult Time

There were times that I liked my job, but my boss gave me a hard time.

It was not easy but I came up with a few techniques on how to deal with my boss. Here are some suggestions when your current boss stresses you out:

The first thing I did was to do more than what was expected from me at my current job.

When your manager gives you a hard time, try to get things done ahead of time and help out your co-workers. Your boss and co-workers will notice and give you more respect.

Secondly, I made it a habit to reduce any potential conflicts at my job.

If I saw trouble coming, I would try to catch it earlier before it became an argument.

I would use my problem solving skills to prevent any arguments. Remember communication is the key in preventing conflicts in the work place.

At times, I would try to focus on my manager’s interests during my conversations with my boss.

Talk to your boss regarding his interests and your boss will appreciate it. For example, if your boss likes golf, then ask him about his golf game or talk about some stories related to golf. This will show that you care.

At times, I would ask my boss if there was anything I could do to improve my work performance.

For example, I would ask my boss questions on how everything was going. Always take the initiative and ask for possible suggestions for improvement.

Everybody has to deal with a not so great boss. The key is to find ways to reduce any conflicts. Open communication is very important. If nothing else works, then maybe you need to change departments or find another job. Remember to always do what is best for you when it comes to your career and peace of mind.

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